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    JellyPerson Yes, it sure is.
    Here it is in its entirety.

    The Bee Movie. What an interesting movie this is. It was released in 2007 and the directors were Steve Hickner and Simon J. Smith. The story of this movie follows Barry the Bee, played by Jerry Seinfeld. After realizing that the human race have illegitimately stolen honey from bees, he decides to do what any rational bee would do; sue the collective human race.

    He gets help from a human friend named Vanessa, who is played by Renee Zelleweger and his bee friend, Adam, who is played by Matthew Broderick. The message of this movie is quite obviously about animal rights, but it’s done in such an anomalous way that it could buzz (bee pun!) above the viewer’s heads. In this movie, the U.S. government is mostly portrayed as evil, selfish people that have allowed these large honey corporations to run uncontrollably. This movie is very, very, middle-of-the-road. However, one thing this movie excels at is its pacing.

    Everything happens at the right time. And look at that cinematography! It’s very well done, from a purely technical standpoint. But what I don’t like about this movie is the dialogue. The dialogue is legendary for its unfunny jokes and terrible puns. There are a minefield’s worth of terrible jokes in this movie. However, the cringe factor in this movie is sublime.

    There is no better movie to awkwardly laugh at than the Bee Movie. And that’s why people still watch it. It’s so awkward that it’s become an inside joke with a lot of people. The beginning of the movie perfectly sums up what I am talking about right now.

    “According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly.
    Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.”

    How ridiculous is that line? The entire movie goes like that. Bees disrespecting humans. That’s the theme of the movie.

    The bottom line is, this is an okay movie for the cringe value. If you love seeing movies that are so bad they’re good, you’ll enjoy this.


    “Too much pollen.”

    cringe value

    Bee puns
    The story
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    JellyPerson If anyone wants to add me, my code is SW-2287-4332-1816!
    Yes I'll put this in my sig later
    JellyPerson In civics class, we are required to do a movie review of movie whose plot ties into civics and socioeconomic issues. My teacher's cool and funny, so I ask him, "yo mr. teacher, can i do the bee movie? there's a court scene which takes up a good half hour of it" He says I'll think about it. Now a few days later I ask him what he thinks. He says "Sure you can do it lol" So uh now I'm doing the Bee movie as a project.

    TL;DR I have to watch The Bee Movie or else I'll get a zero for the semester
    JellyPerson I have a case of chronic boredom. This has caused me to find something to spend my time on. So what I'll be doing is remaking the game in Java. Don't be surprised if I don't release it because it probably will have so many bugs i wouldn't want to release it. The reason why I'm doing this is because if I release it and it gets DMCA'd, Nintendo will have to publicly acknowledge the existence of Hotel Mario. :^)

    No I'm not reanimating the cutscenes, but if anyone wants to, I'll add it in :)
    JellyPerson So I did all of my final exams for each of my classes except math.
    They were pretty **eh**.

    My scores were
    Writing: 600
    Civics: 553
    Science: 535
    Reading: 509

    here in Virginia the scores are weird
    the maximum score is 600
    if you get a 500 or above, you're advanced

    Wish me luck for my math exam tomorrow!
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    JellyPerson Today is May 6th!
    That means it's my birthday!
    My mom and dad gave me a really cool present... A Nintendo Switch with Mario Odyssey!
    It's a really cool game, although you'd know that by now.
    BTW i prefer online functionality, so I'm waiting till a hack that doesn't require you to open up the right joycon :P
    What are some cool birthday presents you have gotten?
    JellyPerson So for our field trip we went to an amusement park called Kings Dominion. I got to ride the intimidator 305, which is the 10th tallest rollercoaster in the world. It's 305 feet tall and goes 93 miles per hour. I also got to go on a ton of other coasters. For example, the Dominator. It was cool because there were like 8 loops. I had a lot of fun. IMG_20180420_112306697.jpg

    What were some of your favorite field trips?
    JellyPerson Ah, school. What a wonderful place to be.
    Just had my Writing Exam today.
    Any weird experiences from you all?
    JellyPerson [​IMG]

    is it good or bad?
    any improvements needed? (yes i still have win7 but that's because i hate win10)
    JellyPerson Screenshot_2017-09-02-10-04-06.jpg Oh my god

    Peppy is in my discord server
    (if you didnt know, some people from rc24 joined osu!dev and started to spam invite links to peppy and say make osu!wii)
    i took a screencap of when he joined my server just a few minutes ago
    this is his alt btw
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    JellyPerson So Nintendo wasn't cool?

    also this

    with quotes such as:

    'homebrewing hacks' and 'it even got SciresM to comment on Twitter' and my personal favorite, 'basically makes it so that you may be able to rewrite the Switch as you see fit'
    JellyPerson Why is everyone at school so retarded?
    JellyPerson What do you all think about me? Right now I have nothing better to do, so I'm here.

    Also @Touko White snifits aren't better than shy guys, get your facts straight boi
    JellyPerson my life descended into this, send help 20170731_153420.jpg
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    JellyPerson View attachment 93992

    What do you all think?