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  • Noctosphere 0

    I'm watching Pawn Star, and they remembered me something

    Some guy went there with a Basket Ball signed by Glotrotters players It reminds me, when I first went at high school, my first english teacher was one of them I remember, when someone asked him his height, He never said 7'2'' nonono, he was saying 6'14'' :P His name was (probably still is)...
  • AdenTheThird 1

    Today's Cool Thing

    This morning, I finished making my sandwiches early, so I waltzed with two heels from a loaf of bread. Cool, right? ...again, I'm crazy.
  • VinsCool 20

    Time to Start from Anew

    Welp. There goes my routine. Blown up to start from zero. I just lost my job. Formally fired. I feel a bit better knowing that I won't have an empty CV, and also sufficient money to be able to live for a couple of weeks, maybe months if I don't spend like a moron. Back to job hunting, that is...
  • Create_ 8

    A dock that starts RCM payloads

    I was thinking, why not make a dock that launches RCM payloads? So today I will be attempting to make one by disassembling my dock and putting in a pi or something to make it launch payloads specifically when my switch is just first put into it. I guess this is where I'll document my progress?...
  • Nintendo Fanboy 3

    Very quick health update

    hello everyone! Well, what a great summer this will be, I guess. I broke my foot. I broke one toe near the joint thing, and there's a few other cracks on some of the newer x-rays. Even worse, the toe is dislocated too. It's a lisfranc injury. Even worse, next Tuesday I will have to get surgery...
  • uiaad 3

    Remember... The glorious 25th May

  • dpad_5678 5

    Donkey Kong Country games are made by God, not Nintendo

    I just finished the final boss on Tropical Freeze on my Switch a few days ago(I played normal mode, is I'm experienced with the gameplay mechanics from playing DKCR: 3D until 200% progress, and Funky Mode looks a little too easy). God, that game was so fucking good. Much more difficult than...
  • AdenTheThird 15

    The Weedle Protest

    A couple days ago, I started a community protest. Going from shop to coffee shop, from websites to the park, I told people that obviously, Kakuna and Beedrill were never meant to be. Weedle was not meant to have any evolution, just itself, just the little caterpillar. The government created...
  • Larsenv 0

    How I got 3DS saves from a bricked 3DS back

    In December 2015, after having my original 3DS since 2011 and had a repair twice, I got a New 3DS (not XL). It was bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. (My dad wanted to get me an XL one though). Remember when downgrading to 9.2 was the craze? That following month, late at night, I...
  • newo 0

    Updated Newo Asteroids with some new code (wii homebrew)

    Pushing some new code to a old game. Not planning on re-writing it. Just fixing some old bugs in the leaderboard. download from: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  • tiduscrying 0

    So long WordPress, hello GBATemp Reviews/Blogs!

    For the longest time, I have always enjoyed writing. I have a love hate relationship with the English language and all of its quirks and intricacies, but find writing to be wholly enjoyable. I am a pretty anxious person, so it has always been difficult for me to express myself vocally, but...
  • MrMcTiller 21

    Goodbye GBATemp... for now anyway...

    It is almost the end of the school year... it ends on Friday. That means that I have to return the school issued Chromebook. As some of you know, I don't have internet at home... and now, I don't have any electronic device capable of using the internet. So.... that means no more GBATemp for the...
  • 3dsHelp 9

    So, uh....My Switch caused my carpal tunnel.

    TL;DR: Streaching you hand every 30-45 minutes is a small price to pay for no hand pain I don't know if this is the best place to be posting this, but I feel responsible to help spread caution to those of you who don't practice proper streaching and safety. I've have loved handhelds my whole...
  • gameboy 26

    biased scoring and rating games

    why is it that more and more were seeing really high numbers when it comes to rating a game? And from everything ive seen, each game has a different scoring criteria to justify its really high score. there needs be some sort of 'unified rules for the scoring of video games' for instance there...
  • lcie nimbus 9

    Need a good Vpn for PC

    Remember that blog post i made a while back saying my internet was gonna be blocked ? well, it finally happened, and i don't have a VPN ready for it. I think stuff like Turbo VPN works, so no need for a paid one, but could someone get me a direct download link for a free WORKING ( non scam ) VPN...
  • dpad_5678 8


    Before you report this post and leave, hear me out! There are so many people that either: feel they're too good to search for information on their own, OR are too lazy to do so. It's extremely insulting to other users that take time to do a decent amount of research about a question they have...
  • JellyPerson 5

    My civics project is now complete.

    Yes, it sure is. Here it is in its entirety. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Bee Movie. What an interesting movie this is. It was released in 2007 and the directors were Steve...