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  • k3rizz3k 0

    Happy birthday to me, and my cat!

    Just another year in my old life :P I'm really more happy for my Cat making it another year. He was born on my birthday 11 years ago. He has diabetes and gets 2 insulin shots a day. He's sickly, but my buddy!
  • messerchadger 0

    Brutal Doom - PRBoom Modding for 3DS?

    Now take these two and cram them up your pee_holes! This takes classic doom and turns it into a mouse-freelook, 2016 enhancement of the original 1996 Doom, Doom2 and Ultimate Doom .wads . The action is crisp. The...
  • Noctosphere 19

    Weird day at the dentist

    So yea, today I went to the dentist to fix a tooth (idk the word for that hole in a tooth, so please someone, tell me :D) so the dentist check radiography she's like, well, it doesn't looks so bad so she tests it with cold air, was hurting as fuck so she first numb it after few minutes, she...
  • Dvdxploitr 1

    Switch Bans

    I made this a "Blog" post rather than posting it in the Switch section because it's more of a personal thought/opinion than anything else. The Switch doesn't really have much going for it as far as online gaming IMO...Sure, you got Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8. Doom and Fortnite also have...
  • VinLark 7

    A Virtual Detox.

    Hello, so I've been wanting to do this for a while but I have just gotten around to doing it. I needed to clean up 5-6 years of filth my younger self made and as I'm entering the more formative years of my life I feel it would be a very good thing to do. What do I mean by a virtual detox? Well,...
  • k3rizz3k 26

    What is your all time favorite console?

    I typically play jRPGs, so Sony is usually on my list, but Nintendo had been doing good about getting some on their systems recently too. Currently my favorite console would still probably be the ps2, with WiiU right behind it (Mainly because of Wii games, and a few U games.)
  • LittleFlame 0

    The adventures of Klikofest

    I go there with a good friend and one of his friends, hang out a bit before the concerts we wanna go to with some other dudes, they all proceed to get super fucking high and I've been selected as "you stay sober" fair enough. time to go. Go to the concerthall first band we saw was pretty meh but...
  • VinsCool 6

    Vinny's Dream Log #25

    Hey there. I haven't made one of these in a while. Multiple reasons for this. One was the lack of motivation, one was from the reoccurring patterns (who wants 10 posts with basically the same story?). Finally, another reason was due to how too personal it went to (to the point of basically...
  • HamBone41801 0

    An update on some of my recent projects

    First off, lets get the big one out of the way: the 8 bit computer. After some serious consideration, and a whole lot of math, i've decided to add an extra 4 bits to the word length of the ram, bringing the total to 16 bits. Why does an 8 bit computer have 16 bit memory? Why, because I was too...
  • Giodude 19

    New siganture

    I know for a fact that nobody here cares at all about my signature no matter how much you pretend to. I made this earlier today though and thought this was kind of funny, so who knows spread it around a bit. I think it's worth a chuckle: [IMG]
  • VzUh 8

    I was going to make a blog, but...

    I misplaced the mouse and closed the wrong tab. The one in wich I was writing the blog entry. I'm so dumb lol Anyway, quickly: I'll be out for a days, maybe a month. Dont know where to be honest, but meh, it will be fun. I hope. So guide me, temp: what should I do with my plants? I'm not sure...
  • JellyPerson 29

    How to become a true pirate

    I am in the air right now. 35,000 feet. How am I texting you? Inflight WiFi. I recently read somewhere that the port 3128 is never blocked on inflight WiFi. So I did a little science experiment. I set up a proxy on port 3128 and lo and behold, I can browse the internet on a United flight without...
  • Noctosphere 62

    Im doing it for the very first time

    From La belle province @VinsCool want some? Edit : Sorry for the delay Gbatemp decided to give me gateway error right before i could edit this post Since the picture got deleted after being moved from eof