Fire Emblem Warriors Save Editor 1.0

Save Editor for FEW 1.5.0

  1. Scarlet
    Warning -
    I am unable to test this tool for myself. Always keep a backup of your save.

    Basic C++ command line save editor.
    Offsets provided by @CrisFTW.
    You may require the C++ Redist to run this:

    Current Features:
    - Max Money
    - Max Materials
    - All Master Seals
    - Unlock All Story Levels
    - Unlock All Free Mode Levels
    - Unlock Lunatic Difficulty
    - Clear All Levels on Easy
    - Clear All Levels on Normal
    - Clear All Levels on Hard
    - Clear All Levels on Lunatic
    - Max Bond for All Characters
    - Max EXP for All Characters


    Change log:
    1.0 -
    + New menu to make the app far more user friendly
    + Added the ability to max out all character EXP

    0.5 -
    ~ Edited text for Master Seals to better match the functionality
    + Added the ability to max bond levels for every character

    0.4 -
    + Fixed level unlocking and clearing

Recent Updates

  1. New Menu & Level Maxing
  2. Max Bond Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Kazelle
    Version: 1.0
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