3ds value question

3ds value question

Aug 17, 2017
So I have a N3ds pikachu edition with latest luma wit some issues.

The ribbon cable to either the lcd screen or speakers is going. I can play it for 30 minutes till it makes a loud pop and turns off. A lot of research associates this with a damaged lcd or speaker cable.

Right now I'm looking for a rough idea on what to sell it for when I do.

So long story short what is it worth?

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  • GreatCrippler
    Aug 17, 2017
    Selling it to anyone who knows how to fix it is going to get you a severe low ball offer. (With good reason, they have to do the work.) Selling it as-is might get you a little more traction with a price set... I would guess 80-100 as is? Dunno, kind of a hard one to say tbh.
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