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snakebyte Game:Chair: Official GBAtemp Review

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Reviewed by Thomas Hugh, posted Jun 30, 2018, last updated Jul 1, 2018
Jun 30, 2018
We take a look at the Game:Chair, an imaginatively-named, premium video game seat from the accessory manufacturer, snakebyte.
Thomas Hugh



Snakebyte advertises this product as the snakebyte Game:Chair and also as the snakebyte Gaming:Seat - a premium-build throne for you to park your rear, while indulging in some quality gaming time. It comes in 3 different colours, blue green and yellow:


A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive a chair from snakebyte! It arrived in a box that was a bit battered, and the seat itself required some self-assembly:




A chair is made up of 15 pieces and only took about 20 minutes to assemble. Most of it slots together and then there are a few bolts to tighten up with the included Allen key:


Underneath, at the front of the chair, is a sturdy, extendable chrome bar, that has a fold-out cushion attached to it so that you can put your feet up, for maximum comfort:


attachThumb133937 attachThumb133938

I've used snakebyte's Game:Chair almost every day since receiving it, for both gaming and office work. At first, I was a bit concerned, as the weight recommendation in the listed specs is only 100kg, and I myself, being of a rather larger build, am at least 20kg over the limit. The chair is extremely well made though, it takes my weight well and I haven't had any issues when using it. I wish it was a bit higher when fully elevated (around 50cm from the floor), but again, being 6ft 5" tall, I recognise that this seat is built for the averagely sized human being, and not man-giants like myself.

The chair is covered in a mix of high-quality synthetic leather and acrylic cloth and feels nice and snug to sit in. Both arms are adjustable in 6 directions using 3 buttons on each rest, and the chair itself can recline quite far, becoming almost completely horizontal. The 2 detachable cushions, which I was also initially unsure about, offer great posture when using the seat, especially when I have the backrest reclined.

attachFull133949 attachFull133950

Overall if you are looking for a new chair to game and office on, I can't recommend the snakebyte Game:Chair enough. It's been a real hit in my house and I just might have to get another one, as mine seems to have gone missing:



  • BIFMA-Standard base and wheels
  • Height adjustable arm and backrest
  • Class 4 gas lift system
  • Includes pull-out footrest
  • Cover: 3D Fabric and synthetic leather
  • 220 Lbs / 100 kg load capacity
  • Seat width approx. 20 In / 50 cm
  • Seat depth approx. 20 in / 50 cm
  • Seat height 15.7 - 19 in / 40 - 48 cm


+ Extremely comfortable
+ Premium build quality
+ Sturdy and robust
- 6 directional arms are a nice touch, but overall, feel a bit gimmicky
out of 10
Snakebyte have built a great-feeling premium gaming and office chair. It's made from high-quality materials and is really comfortable for those longer gaming sessions.

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