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    Xecuter SX OS in Nintendo Switch

    Before I begin my review I would like to thank Team Xecuter for giving me a review copy of their SX OS. Hence this review is specifically for the SX OS which is meant for people who already has a jig...
    Posted by comfaithgenesisr, Jun 27, 2018  2
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    Ratchet & Clank in PlayStation 4

    I haven't played any previous R&C games. This was my first introduction to the world contained therein as I haven't seen the holo-movie, which was based on the 1st holo-game, that this holo-game was...
    Posted by brickmii82, Jun 27, 2018  10
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    Age of rivals in Android

    If you have to picture the mental image of the elevator pitch for this game, it's best pictured as the producer franctically reaching for the lift's "eject" button while the programmer is trying to...
    Posted by Taleweaver, Jun 15, 2018  0
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    Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon in Nintendo Switch

    What happens when you ask developers of Mega Man games to make a NES Castlevania Clone? Well you can find out playing this game or reading this review!
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, May 28, 2018  1
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    Downwell for PSVita in PlayStation Vita

    This is part one in a series of posts highlighting some of the best games available on the PlayStation Vita. Stay tuned for further entries highlighting JRPGs, general indie titles, and some more the...
    Posted by tiduscrying, May 23, 2018  1
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    Wonder Boy in Retro

    Ever played a game with a cave man? Well here is one of them... as a boy.
    Posted by Lavar Pittman, May 10, 2018  1
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