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    Apr 11, 2017
    Hello, I recently posted this on reddit, but it didn't seem to post so I'll post it here too:

    We all know the PSVita version of Borderlands 2 isn't very well made: low framerate and constant crashes plague the game from start to end. Hey, at least it looks good. But, is it worth looking good while you can go lower and get better results?

    Borderlands is a shooter. Meaning that framerate is important. So, let's reduce the graphics to get better quality. This is what this guide is for: fixing Borderlands 2.

    1. Reducing resolution
    First of all, install the game, the updates and the DLCs if you have.

    While not magic, since this is a port, reducing resolution can help the game feel more responsive while losing graphical fidelity. It's one of the biggest changes you can make to make the game run better. You can not reduce it at all, reduce it a little or go down to nearly PSP resolution.

    Choose whatever you want, keep in mind that lower resolution = few drops.

    So, how do you do it?

    First pick the resolution you want, or make a custom one as explained here.

    • 960x544 -> C003000020020000

    • 720x408 -> D002000098010000

    • 640x368 -> 8002000070010000
    The values you see are what you need to find and change on your borderlands 2 eboot.bin.

    Second, "eboot.bin" hex editing.

    • Copy your Borderlands 2 app from your Vita (located on ux0:/app/XXXXXXX) to your PC and keep that in case something goes wrong.

    • Now open the "eboot.bin" with an Hex Editor (Like HxD, which is what I'm using) and use Search (Cntl+F), select hexadecimal values and search for "C003000020020000" since it's the default resolution. There should be only one match.

    • Now, change that value to the desired resolution, so if you want to go to the 640x368, change "C003000020020000" to "8002000070010000" and save.

    • Now try playing the game and it should work.


    • Edit the "eboot.bin" the same way I said above and do the same with the "eboot_origin.bin" on the "mai_moe" folder of your game.

    • Now, open the Maidump app and select "Switch game loading", select "Borderlands 2" and select the option 0 (zero) Load Dual libfios2. When finished, close the app and start Borderlands 2.

    • Now, on the game's menu, the game should look lower res but DLCs won't work.

    • Open the Maidump app again. Do the same but this time select the 5th option (Load Mode 0 +IO hook).

    • Now start the game and it should work with pluggins and DLCs.

    If this doesn't work, try it again. Maidump copies are the worst for this change, but at the end it should work. And finally, your resolution is lower!! Yay!!

    2. Reducing further down the graphics
    If you are a PC Gamer, you may probably know about .ini configs for your games. Well, this isn't different. All you need is "XcomToolsAndroid" (link on the Download part).

    • When you have this tools, enter the WillowGame folder on your BL2 folder, enter the CookedNGP and look for "Coalesced_INT.bin" if your language is English.

    • HOWEVER, IF IT ISN'T ENGLISH, look for "Coalesced_XXX.bin" of your language. In my case, for the Spanish language, I did the changes to "Coalesced_ESN.bin" since the INT version didn't work.

    • Copy the .bin file you desire to the tools folder, and drag your .bin to the "Coalescer.exe". It should unpack in a folder.

    • Inside, enter \WillowGame\Config and open the "NGP-WillowEngine.ini" and edit whatever you want (I'll link a configured one below).

    • When you're finished, just save, go back and drag your folder to the "Coasceled.exe" again. The .bin should now be updated, so just copy it back to the original folder, and overwriting if asked.

    • We are not finished. Go back one folder and open "NGPTOC.txt" (or "NGPTOC_ESN.txt" in my case since I edited the Spanish one).

    • There, search for "Coalesced_XXX.bin". You should see numbers first.

    • Go back to your CookedNGP folder, right click on the "Coalesced_XXX.bin" file, properties and look for the REAL file size.

    • Copy those numbers, go back to your .txt and overwrite the ones you have.

    • The real size IT SHOULD NOT BE VERY DIFFERENT to the original, but obvioulsly It would never be the same, so you need to change it everytime you repack an "Coalesced_XXX.bin".

    • After that, that's all you can do to your Borderlands 2 .ini, at least that I know, in terms of graphics

    The .ini that you can download has this:

    • Removed PostProcess (using the Cinematic one)

    • Tweaked view distance even more

    • Removed opening logos

    • Other small improvements that I can't think right now
    You can edit that .ini to your liking.

    3. "Overclocking"
    Oclock Vita or similar plugins are recommened to up the performance even more. PSTV users use maxium performance always. PSVita owners, doing this will make you lose battery. Be aware. It is worth if you are at home.

    4. Fixing other stuff
    There was a thread about this in "Gbatemp". An user claimed that he fixed the broken trophy of the DLC. However, I don't know how. If someone knows, let me know and I'll update this! And that's actually it. Nothing more to fix afaik.

    5. FAQ
    Q: Is the game locked to 30FPS?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Why not locking the game to 30FPS?

    A: [UPDATED: I Finally locked the framerate for a smoother experience] I don't think that's possible from .ini editing (but it could be done probably by hex editing the eboot)

    Q: Can I try different resolutions?

    A: YES! Yes you can... if they work. I've only managed to get working 1 of them: 640x368. On GBATemp an user managed to get 720x448 but I couldn't. You can try it to see if it works. I also tried PSP resolution, 480x272, but it didn't work. Again, you can try it! (PSP Res hex code is -> 8002000070010000)

    Q: Does it reduce crashes?

    A: NO. The game still crashes at the inventory constantly. If you are not playing with the English language, you should. For some reason, it reduces the crashes (but they are still there).

    Q: Can I increase the resolution?

    A: If you are masochist, I suppose you can. But I'm 99% sure that it won't work.

    Q: Does the resolution hex editing work on other games?

    A: Yes, if you know the base resolution you can search it and use the one you like, although is not guaranteed that it would work.

    Q: Can I make X effect return with the .ini editing?

    A: No, certain effects are REMOVED from the game, like light shafts. They won't work even if enabled.

    Q: Can I enable shadows?

    A: I don't know, but you can try! I found the sweetspot in graphics, I don't want to waste more time tweaking the .ini for a setting that probably will kill performance, and that assuming it works.

    Q: Can I edit more things with those .ini?

    A: Yes, you can edit bindings, lower graphics even more and more. But be aware, some settings may not work.

    6. Screenshots
    There's nothing much to see except a massive drop in resolution and few grahics turned down, like postprocessing. So only two photos.

    960x544 (default) + .ini editing
    640x368 (edited) + .ini editing

    • Low graphics .ini (for Coasceled_INT, English) -> here (UPDATED!)*
    • Low graphics .ini (for Coasceled_ESN, Spanish) -> here Rename to "NGP-WillowEngine.ini" (UPDATED!)*

    8. Credits
    u/Kabuto_Kun (reddit) for the resolution guide and tips

    The GBATemp user: "Lastisin" since he suggested the use of "XComAndroidTools"

    9. End
    Thanks for reading, I hope it helps those who really want to enjoy the game on the go, like me. If you want to add anything that could help the performance of the game, let me know. If you need help, I won't mind helping you.
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  2. rehevkor

    rehevkor GBAtemp Fan

    Feb 21, 2011
    I sometimes feel I was the only one that found the vanilla Vita Borderlands 2 acceptable. Don't recall any crashing, and was perfectly playable and enjoyable beginning to end plus DLC.

    The real challenge would be to get Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep on there.
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  3. resetes12

    resetes12 Advanced Member

    Apr 11, 2017
    I played a lot on my legit Vita, so a real cart. The game crashed constantly at the end of the game, making it unplayable. I hope that reducing resolution and some effects free some resources on the Vita so that it can reduce crashes. It is actually a wish, because there's also the possibility that the game crashes because of a code error, in that case this won't help. Also, Zero ability is broken and the Psycho ability doesn't have the Axe rendered. I can't fix those, afaik.

    I didn't find Borderlands 2 unplayable in terms of framerate, but it was very low. This will help on that, at a graphic cost. You can, however, apply the .ini and the resolution edit or only one of those. It's up to your liking.

    What do you mean by this?
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  4. rehevkor

    rehevkor GBAtemp Fan

    Feb 21, 2011
    It was a PC/console DLC that wasn't released on the Vita, I get the impression it was pretty good.
  5. Oschara

    Oschara GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 4, 2017
    United States
    Only thing i do is overclock and it runs pretty well! Thanks for guide though
  6. queendude
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    Aug 14, 2017
  7. resetes12

    resetes12 Advanced Member

    Apr 11, 2017
    I updated the config. Now, texture quality and draw distance are reduced.
    I do not recommend changing the texture quality (just play between 128 or 256, but more is not advised)
    You can, however, change the view distance, knowing that you'll lose frames if you up it. I use 0.3 which is low, but gives very nice frames. I'll keep testing.

    Here's the "changelog":
  8. ShroomKing

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    Mar 3, 2017
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    Another World
    the links of the .ini's are dead. lol

    can you reupload them or something?
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  9. resetes12

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    Apr 11, 2017

    Sorry, I forgot to fix the links when I made the lastest version.
  10. ShroomKing

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    Mar 3, 2017
    United States
    Another World
    it's fine, i already did the edit's myself. but thanks anyway
  11. resetes12

    resetes12 Advanced Member

    Apr 11, 2017
    How did you manage to avoid the inventory crashes? The game is much more constant now but crashes on the inventory are blowing my mind.


    I uploaded a fix for the black weapons on the game. It was a measure trying to reduce inventory crashes, but it doesn't work, as expected. I'm still trying.

    And I finally locked the FPS to 30, so it's a more stable experience.
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    May 2, 2016
    United States

    Thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH for this!!!!
  13. vitaakibapiti333

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    Aug 18, 2017
    I think someone should look at these values. Maybe they van ne related to RAM but im not sure Screenshot_2017-08-18-15-59-23.png Screenshot_2017-08-18-15-59-23.png Screenshot_2017-08-18-15-59-23.png
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    Under Tomato Hentai's stairs
    imho it's the best dlc of them all
  15. XxICYxRAINxX
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    Aug 26, 2017
  16. SteelWolf89

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    Apr 5, 2015
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    San Bernardino, CA
    if i were to want the map and trophy fixes, textures to be set to medium, have static shadows enabled, cap the FPS at 30 and have the Resolution be 640x368 or 720x408, what would i need to search for and change in hex or .ini?
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