How to create a M3U stream

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    Note: GBATemp does not condone with piracy, Please don't share a link to a live tv stream or ask for one. Failure to complie will lead to a perma ban from GBATemp.

    What you need

    • Notepad++ or a text editor
    • A stream link
    • (optional) HDHomerun
    • Kodi, VLC, anything that supports m3u
    First open your text editor and copy this


    Next I'll be using my hdhomerun If you have one follow along if not skip

    Go to
    select your device and it should take you to this
    Select Channel Lineup and you should see this
    Right click and pick a channel (I'll use WSFA)


    Copy this, Create a new line and paste this

    Copy the link create another new line and paste it

    now it should look somthing like this


    If you have more links repeat the steps again.

    Thanks for reading children!
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