Media Create Sales Japan Top 20 - Week #13 2018

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    Here are the Media Create sales figures for Week #13 2018:

    PositionPlatformTitleGenrePublisherRelease datePriceWeekly SalesTotal SalesDifference
    01 (NEW)PS4Super Robot Wars XSLGBandai Namco Games2018.03.29¥8.60089.259NEW
    02 (NEW)PS4Far Cry 5ACTUbisoft2018.03.29¥8.40075.474NEW
    03 (NEW)PSVSuper Robot Wars XSLGBandai Namco Games2018.03.29¥7.60054.042NEW
    04 (01)NSWKirby Star AlliesACTNintendo2018.03.16¥5.98050.437357.093-40%
    05 (05)NSWSplatoon 2ACTNintendo2017.07.21¥5.98025.6392.191.686-12%
    06 (NEW)PS4Shining Resonance RefrainRPGSega2018.03.29¥5.99023.054NEW
    07 (03)PS4Ni no Kuni II: Revenant KingdomRPGLevel 52018.03.23¥8.00018.85174.865-66%
    08 (04)3DSDetective PikachuADVPokemon Co.2018.03.23¥4.98015.58457.597-63%
    09 (07)NSWMario Kart 8 DeluxeRCENintendo2017.04.28¥5.98014.4861.446.986-16%
    10 (08)PS4Monster Hunter: WorldACTCapcom2018.01.26¥8.98010.0111.994.226-25%
    11 (10)NSWThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildADVNintendo2017.03.03¥6.9809.373938.990-16%
    12 (02)PS4Valkyria Chronicles 4SLGSega2018.03.21¥7.9909.10872.029-86%
    13 (11)NSWSuper Mario OdysseyACTNintendo2017.10.27¥5.9808.4421.675.896-11%
    14 (06)NSWHyrule Warriors: Definitive EditionACTKoei Tecmo2018.03.22¥6.8007.64232.549-69%
    15 (12)PS4Attack on Titan 2ACTKoei Tecmo2018.03.15¥7.8007.36244.649-16%
    16 (15)3DSPokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra MoonRPGPokemon Co.2017.11.17¥4.9805.9991.605.916-14%
    17 (13)PS4Like the North StarADVSega2018.03.08¥8.3904.604156.805-47%
    18 (17)PS4Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Advanced EditionACTUbisoft2018.03.01¥6.0004.44131.680-12%
    19 (24)NSWDragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo SwitchFTGBandai Namco Games2017.09.07¥6.8003.981137.570
    20 (19)NSW1-2-SwitchETCNintendo2017.03.03¥4.9803.979423.926-5%

    Hardware sales figures

    SystemThis WeekLast WeekLast YearYTDLast YTDLTD

    This week's hardware sales

    Super Robot Wars X debuts at #1 and #3 on the chart, with 140k copies sold when combining both the PS4 and PSV releases. Far Cry 5 also does really well in Japan, charting at #2 in its debut week, with 75k units sold on PlayStation 4. Shining Resonance Refrain debuts at #6, but the numbers are pretty low, barely breaking 20k and despite containing partial nudity :O
    Nearly all other software is drastically down when compared to previous weeks.

    Hardware sales stay pretty much the same as last week, with Nintendo Switch still on top.

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    There's a Vita game at #3, amazing. The Vita will never die!
  3. Owenge

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    1. I'm glad the vita got a new game... and right now I really want a vita
    2. Get the PS4 is doing better
    3. Calm dafuq down Nintendoo
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    3,219 sales from 4 million Switches in Japan. Dang!

    I wonder which Switch game will come next that becomes a huge hit, and I wonder if there will be another "Monster Hunter" for the PS4 sales wise. One that boost hardware sales like crazy and all I mean.
  5. Xandrid

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    Mar 27, 2016
    Awwww yea, Vita got a game at 3rd place, it's sad that it's the only Vita game on there and it's just a new game XD
  6. FierceDeityLinkMask

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    Switch is killing it.
  7. Vieela

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    3DS is going surprisingly well. Detective Pikachu charting like this... It's quite incredible.
  8. chirogan

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    Feb 28, 2018
    Yes, At least in Japan. Sony is head on dropping support for the vita by removing the featured Vita games in PSN on march next year. Hopefully this wont affect game devs. I think its about time they wrap up a new handheld in the passing of the 3ds. This would be one of the best time to enter the handheld market again.
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