Sony E3 2018 Press Conference Coverage

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    Not a terrible conference, they played it very safe but at least they showed gameplay for most games. CGI trailers and "in-engine" cinematics do nothing for me.

    The Last of Us part 2 looks great, that goes without saying, but nothing they've shown makes it clear to me why they're doing a sequel. The gameplay they showed looked very familiar.

    Ghost of Tsushima looks beautiful. Definitely want to see more of that, though the gameplay in Shadows Die Twice looked more enjoyable.

    A few surprises would have been nice but I'll take RE2.
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    May 31, 2016
    A bit dissapointed, I was expecting they would show Media Molecule's Dreams
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    Nov 27, 2013
    If SE hurries up, they could make FF7 R on time for ps5 :P
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    Jan 17, 2015

    I had PS+ paid 2 years upfront before that announcement, would have paid anyways.

    Sony told me this game is free and I believed. I was happy for a 7th game without extra charge but it was a mistake. I shouldn't have said it was free of charge, it costs extra... right? My bad. Honestly. Thank you.

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    Yeah you're not saying less people playing a game is better, you just that a game being exclusive, hence available to less people, is a good thing. Makes total sense, yeah.

    Won't even dwell on the remaining remarks since they reflect your personal preference and that only which is not something to argue. I hardly think people who got a PC or Xbox really regret their choice (assuming it came to a choice), specially after MS conference and I believe today Nintendo will give Switch owners new good reasons to love their console too but hey we are both entitled to our opinions.

    Have a great day man, game on, thanks!
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    Why does E3 still exist, I mean it's about as important as the Oscars and that's not important at all. It's all over hyped rubbish that's made to be this big thing every year the sad part is people actually pay to go to this WHY, I mean I sort of understood it years ago but I really think it needs to go now, Just saying.
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    Okay, they had a good conference, but a slow one on the technical sense.
    In terms of presentation, they blew me up the most, with the tent at the beginning, which was actually a replica from a place in The Last of Us Part 2,
    The whole presentation of Ghost of Tsushima was the most powerful in this E3, and I can't wait to see more of it!
    There's also some nice reveals like REmake 2, and another KH3 trailer which showed the most realistic-looking Pirates of the Caribbean world in a video game(also they showed short-haired Kairi <3).
    Death Stranding's new trailer finally showed some in-game footage, BUT WHILE IT DID ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS, IT RAISED EVEN MORE NEW QUESTIONS!!
    The showcase of Spider-Man was...should I say, Marvelous!
    But yeah, they didn't tie up with Bethesda and Microsoft, and for now they are right below them. This might change, depends on the overall Nintendo Direct in a few hours.
    Now excuse me while I try to find rare footage of Ghost of Tsushima.
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    it's a part of the subscription and you lose access to it when you stop paying
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    Disregarding the awkward transition, yeah they did pretty good. Overall, I still don't think they did any better than even Ubisoft.
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    SEGA is more progressive than all SJWs combined together
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    Did you know you have to pay for your games even if you have a subscription? That's some dumbfounded logic, you can play it while you have a subscription, if you decide to cancel it and renew it later, you'll still have access to the games you got while you had PS Plus.

    More than half of my PS4 library are awesome PS Plus which I don't mind paying monthly to play and to get more monthly.
    You get to support their servers's costs, you get free games and you get to keep your save files online in case something bad happens, how is that a scam? Microsoft did it years ago with their Xbox Live service (and they didn't offer you jack shit back in the day) and people never batted an eyelid about it.
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    see my last reply on this thread

    microsoft now does cloud saving for free
    games aren't free if you have to keep a paid subscription for it, unlike microsoft back in the 360 days, hence my netflix analogy

    also it's a scam because why would you NEED to pay to play multiplayer if every single game uses their own servers anyway?
  12. chirogan

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    Feb 28, 2018
    I can only think of One Symbol.


    i mean, with the success of The last of Us, its really hard to resist a part 2. Part 1 was a masterpiece. i would've left it for what it is. i don't now what story they will make, but i don't think it's good for a multiple installment franchise. since it went through, i could only hope that it will be a good one. not a falling game.
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    jesus christ every single game now is some hyper realistic post apocalyptic shit
    especially from MS and sony
    what is the industry trying to prepare us for?
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  14. Yepi69

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    So did the PS3 and it kept crashing, burning and dying. And that was free to play online.
    Microsoft does cloud saving for free because they know where their Xbox One stands thus they're trying their hardest to bring players back to their platforms.
    Also, Microsoft does the same thing with their subscription plan.
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    Apr 2, 2018
    LOL RE2 is not coming to the tablet.
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    why the fuck did sony and microsoft even bother to show up?! :lol: