Sony Introduces SCUF Vantage Officially Licensed PS4 Controller

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    We've seen the Razer Raiju & Nacon Revolution and Hori Mini Wired Gamepad, and today Sony introduced the officially licensed SCUF Vantage PS4 controller for those who prefer an XBox-styled peripheral device launching in the U.S. during late summer 2018.

    Before getting too excited, while it's currently available for pre-order at or the wired-only (USB) model will set you back $169.95 USD (MSRP) while the wireless (Bluetooth) / wired (USB) model weighs in at a hefty $199.95 USD (MSRP)... does it come with a new videogame console for that price?! :roflxf2:

    Here's what Scuf Gaming CEO & Founder Duncan Ironmonger has to say about it, to quote:

    The Vantage incorporates new unique features that provide additional configurability and personalization for players:
    • Side-mounted right and left ‘Sax’ buttons – designed to fit the natural placement of a player’s fingers and provide additional configurability
    • Removable faceplate – makes it easy to change thumb sticks & personalize the controller
    • Advanced audio control for wired connection – a simple swipe of the audio touch bar adjusts the volume while players can keep their hands on the controller
    • Removable vibration modules – players can reduce the weight of the controller and lessen hand fatigue

    In addition, the Vantage’s ergonomic shape complements a suite of configurable components. These features are modularly designed to shorten hand movements and gain performance advantages, making it easier for players to tailor the controller to their individual preferences:
    • Paddle control system with four removable back paddles
    • A quick-access remapping switch
    • Customizable thumb sticks with 3 different heights in either a concave or convex configuration
    • Adjustable Hair triggers
    • Trigger stops and extenders
    • Choice of D-pads
    • Interchangeable magnetic faceplate
    * Travel case not included in wired-only model

    Canadian customers can also pre-order through Both models include a suite of interchangeable parts and a high-speed braided micro-USB cable, and the wireless/wired model also includes a protection and travel case for your controller.

    (The Scuf Vantage is currently being developed with the PlayStation Official Licensing Program. Some of the features or functions described may differ from the final product.)


    *Imported from #PSXHAX
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